Top 3 Reasons For Edge Cracking In Parking Lots

Cracks around the edges of a parking lot can be a major issue. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to help mitigate the problem, but first, you need to know the cause. 1. Poor Base Support Base issues often begin at the edges and then move inward. If cracks occur soon after paving, then the edges were not shored up properly during the initial construction stage. This means they are weak and cracking is going to be an ongoing issue.

Tips for an Outstanding Asphalt Pavement Installation Project

Asphalt pavement makes for a great pavement that can last many years and look attractive for your property's appearance. From pre-installation to taking care of your asphalt immediately after installation and regular annual upkeep, it is important to ensure it is properly protected for a long life. Here are some recommendations to help you get your property asphalt pavement installed as a durable surface. Arrange for the Proper Installation Time

Protecting Your Asphalt With A Sealcoating

Despite the fact that asphalt pavement can be both affordable and extremely durable, it is still necessary to take steps to minimize the wear that it will experience. To this end, asphalt sealcoating services can be an important and valuable option that you can use to protect your asphalt. Can Asphalt Sealcoats Provide Aesthetic Benefits? A sealcoating that has been applied to asphalt will be able to help protect its appearance by minimizing the bleaching that sunlight can do or the cracking that water can cause.

Commercial Paving Designs To Makeover The Facilities Of Your Business

If you have an old and worn parking facility for your business, it may be time to update it with a modern design. There are functional and attractive designs that you may want to consider adding to your parking lot. The following commercial paving designs are just a few that will makeover your facilities with attractive and functional features: Pavements That Are Environmentally Friendly The type of pavement materials you use is an important part of the design of parking facilities.