Top 3 Reasons For Edge Cracking In Parking Lots

Cracks around the edges of a parking lot can be a major issue. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to help mitigate the problem, but first, you need to know the cause.

1. Poor Base Support

Base issues often begin at the edges and then move inward. If cracks occur soon after paving, then the edges were not shored up properly during the initial construction stage. This means they are weak and cracking is going to be an ongoing issue. Fortunately, chances are the paving will still be under the contractor's guarantee so they can come out and repair the edges of the base by installing additional supports.

The edges of the base may also begin to fail over time. This is often caused by soil movement around the edges of the paving. It is possible to install a stabilizing support around the edges of the pavement. Then, the cracked and damaged asphalt is cut out and a new asphalt strip is installed. Concrete curbing may also be put in around the edge of the parking lot to help prevent cracking and further degradation from poor base support.

2. Drainage Issues

Drainage is the cause of many parking lot paving problems. When there is insufficient drainage around the edges of your parking lot, water will seep beneath the paving and begin to wash out the base materials. Gaps will then form, which makes the edges more prone to cracking.

Proper drainage is the answer to this problem. Gutters need to be installed around the perimeter of the parking lot. These gutters need to drain into storm systems so that runoff is routed well away from the paved area. Grated trench gutters can be put in if a full underground storm system isn't a possibility in your location or if you are retrofitting an existing lot with proper drainage.

3. Landscape Incursion

The landscaping on your property can destroy your parking lot. The most common issue is that trees and shrubs are planted around the perimeter of the lot or in islands. These plants start small and harmless, but over time they outgrow the space and the roots grow beneath the pavement. This disturbs the base and begins to warp the asphalt, leading to cracks around the edges where the roots are moving in.

Grass and other plants growing against the edge of the lot can also slowly begin to cause cracks. Minor damage occurs, and then the opportunistic grasses move in and root in the crack. This enlarges the crack and the problem becomes worse. Proper planting and weeding near the edges of the lot is the answer to this issue.

Contact a commercial parking lot paving service for more help if you are having issues with edge cracking in your lot.