Protecting Your Asphalt With A Sealcoating

Despite the fact that asphalt pavement can be both affordable and extremely durable, it is still necessary to take steps to minimize the wear that it will experience. To this end, asphalt sealcoating services can be an important and valuable option that you can use to protect your asphalt.

Can Asphalt Sealcoats Provide Aesthetic Benefits?

A sealcoating that has been applied to asphalt will be able to help protect its appearance by minimizing the bleaching that sunlight can do or the cracking that water can cause. In situations where the asphalt has already started to suffer some color fading, a layer of sealcoat may be able to reduce the visibility of these spots. This is possible by choosing a tinted sealant to apply. You will have a wide range of choice over the color of this tint, which can make it possible to cover areas of the pavement that have started to fade.

Do You Have To Do Much Preparation For The Sealcoating?

Prior to having the sealcoating applied to the pavement, there are some basic preparations that will need to be done. One of the most important will be to ensure that the pavement is largely free of serious cracks or chips. Openings in the surface of the pavement can compromise the effectiveness of the sealcoating. Any of these spots should be filled with a patching kit prior to the sealcoating being applied. Additionally, the pavement will need to be thoroughly cleaned. While the sealcoating service will have its own systems for removing dirt and grime, you should make sure that any leaves or other large items are removed.

Will Sealcoating The Asphalt Stop You From Needing To Regularly Clean It?

A layer of asphalt sealant will be able to provide effective protection to the asphalt. However, the surface of the pavement will need to be cleaned regularly to keep the sealcoating effective. If you fail to clean the surface of the pavement, dirt and dust can actually wear away this coating through abrasion. Additionally, moisture and vehicle chemicals that are allowed to remain on the surface of the sealcoating can start to wear it down. Periodically cleaning the surface of the pavement with a pressure washer will remove dust and chemicals that may have collected on the surface. Depending on the amount of use that your asphalt experiences, it may need to be cleaned every few months for the most effective results.

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