Commercial Paving Designs To Makeover The Facilities Of Your Business

If you have an old and worn parking facility for your business, it may be time to update it with a modern design. There are functional and attractive designs that you may want to consider adding to your parking lot. The following commercial paving designs are just a few that will makeover your facilities with attractive and functional features:

Pavements That Are Environmentally Friendly

The type of pavement materials you use is an important part of the design of parking facilities. Rather than using conventional asphalt paving, consider more environmentally friendly solutions. Some of the environmentally friendly solutions to consider for your parking lot pavement include:

  • Porous pavements made of recycled rubber and plastics
  • Reclaimed concrete aggregate materials for pavement
  • Permeable pavements with plants and good drainage

These environmental-friendly pavements can also be an attractive alternative to other materials.

Plan Parking Facilities for the Traffic Flow

Another part of planning the pavement for parking facilities is the flow of traffic. There are a few things that you want to consider for the traffic flow of parking lots, including:

  • Adequate signage for traffic flow
  • Speed breakers for safe pedestrian crossings
  • Custom bollards for separating traffic

The flow of traffic will make it easier for clients to get in and out of your business. It also allows you to monitor visitors and improve the security of your parking facilities.

Add Greenery to Your Commercial Paving

Green designs for your business are important, and they can be continued into the parking lot. You will want to add features like median and green islands in your parking lot that helps give your business greener space. In addition, if there are any roofs for covered parking areas, they can also be finished with green roof systems that provide more greenery for your business.

Sealing and Painting to Give Facilities an Attractive Design

The sealant that is applied to the pavement is called seal coating. It can be a colored sealant that helps protect the pavement and gives you options for colorful and attractive features. In addition to the seal coating, the commercial paving service can also help with the painting, which can be practical for signage. The painting can also include branding colors and logos to help with the marketing of your business.

The functional parking lot designs will enhance your facilities with attractive features. If you need new parking for your business, contact a commercial paving service to start planning the design.