3 Things That Are Great About Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving is good for many uses and for many reasons. It is flexible enough to be used to create an outdoor basketball court and to be used to create a driveway. It is normally used to pave highways and commercial parking lots, as well as private roads and residential driveways. Here are 3 key benefits of choosing asphalt for your own paving needs: 

1: Asphalt has a flexibility that makes it extremely durable

The flexibility of asphalt makes it a very good choice for your large projects. There is a small amount of give in the material that allows for such things as soil movement and even earthquakes. When there is very little give in a material, it will react to small movements caused by things like soil changes or earthquakes by cracking. This causes more repair issues and even earlier replacements. When you do go with asphalt, you can expect to get more use out of it with it remaining in better shape, due to that extra give it allows for. 

2: Asphalt has a dark color that works to your advantage

A newly paved asphalt surface has a nice black look that's shiny. As time goes on, it will start to look gray and eventually take on a bit of a peppered look, with there being very light and dark gray colors throughout. However, you should never let the asphalt get to this point. Instead, you should have it sealcoated when you see it taking on a lighter shade, This gives it back that new coloring and helps to ensure it retains its strength and flexibility. The dark look often works well with landscaping, helping create a blunt separation between the asphalt driving and parking areas, as well as the whitish walkways and standing areas. 

3: Asphalt is easy to keep clean

Another great thing about asphalt is that it is easy for you to keep clean, so you don't have to take on extra work to help your property look well-kept. The dark color of asphalt camouflages a fair amount of dirt and spills. However, when it does need a light cleaning, this can easily be done with a high-powered hose nozzle that will spray away a lot of the mess. When it is time for the asphalt surface to have a more serious cleaning, it can be pressure washed, which will leave it looking great again.