Choose Asphalt For Your Parking Lot Paving Jobs

There are two main options that you have for paving your driveway or parking lot; you can pave with asphalt or concrete. These materials are widely used and generally accepted as the very best options. Each of these materials has many pro's and a few con's. They are both considered durable and are a good investment for your property. However, this article is going to focus on the benefits of paving with asphalt. These are just a few of the many reasons why asphalt is considered a fantastic way to pave your driveway or parking lot.


If you live in an area that experiences cold and warm streaks, it may be best to pave with asphalt. The material is constructed using a rock aggregate, usually limestone and bitumen. The combination gives asphalt a little bit of flexibility. So, when asphalt gets hot it is able to swell a little bit without cracking. When conditions get cold, the asphalt is able to contract without cracking. It is this ability to expand and contract just a little bit that has made it a very popular choice among individuals and companies in areas where the weather changes seasons.


There has been a lot of research and engineering that has gone into the durability of asphalt. Geologists have done many studies on the perfect type of aggregate to use for asphalt. The best aggregate is a very dense low porosity and permeability limestone. This means that there should not be any small holes or connectivity of holes in the limestone. If there is porosity and permeability in the limestone, then water can enter into those holes, and if it freezes, then the water can expand and break down the limestone. That is one of the biggest reasons why many manufacturers of asphalt are only getting the aggregate out of the best quarries.


When working with asphalt, it is easy to see why asphalt is a top choice. Asphalt is easily fixed when cracked. Over time the asphalt is going to crack need repaired. You can go to any home improvement store and find sealcoating. This will allow you to patch up holes and cracks in the asphalt. If the cracks or potholes are very bad then a professional can come in and do the patching. It is still much easier to fix than concrete, which requires a pump and a jack to inject mortar under the slab of concrete.  

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