Tips For Sealing Your Driveway On Your Own

If you want to keep your driveway from cracking and crumbling over time, you need to seal it on a regular basis. Sealing the driveway keeps moisture from soaking into the asphalt, causing it to start to break apart. Resealing a driveway is not overly difficult to do and can be done within a day or two, depending on how large your driveway is. Here are a few tips for sealing your driveway the right way.

Determine How Much Sealant You Will Need

The first thing you need to do is you need to determine how much sealant you need to do the job. Measure the length and the width of the driveway. Multiply the two numbers together and you will determine how many square feet of area you need the sealant to cover. Any home improvement store will sell sealant. Typically, it is found in a large five-gallon bucket. Read the labels on the buckets to find out exactly how many square feet they cover.

Clean Oil and Debris off of the Driveway Before Beginning

Next, you need to use soap and water to scrub the areas of the driveway where oil has dripped on it. You want to try to get up as much of the oil as you can so that the sealant can be applied properly. Use a leaf blower to blow off any debris from the surface of the driveway too. This ensures that nothing is stuck in the sealant on the driveway when you are done.

Dress Appropriately for the Job

When you are applying sealant, be sure that you are wearing work boots that are waterproof to ensure that your feet are protected. Long pants are also a good idea to ensure that no sealant splashes onto your legs.

Apply the Sealant

Next, you need to pour the sealant onto the driveway. Start at the end that is closest to your home and then work your way out toward the street. Be sure to pour small amounts of the sealant at a time and use the applicator to spread the sealant evenly so that it dries quickly.

Protect the Driveway

Once you have sealed the driveway, use something to block off the end of the driveway so that no one can drive on it. Be sure to post a sign that says not to walk on it so that no friends, neighbors, or kids walk on it.

Be sure to go out and feel the driveway before allowing anyone to walk on it to make sure that it does not feel tacky. If it does, give it more time to dry. After the sealant has had time to dry overnight, you should be able to use your driveway the way you normally do. If you feel this is too tedious of a job for you to do on your own, you an always hire a paving company like R Williams Paving LLC to come and seal your driveway for you each year.