Asphalt Tips That Can Keep Your Lot Beautiful

The parking lot of your store might not be a topic you think about each day, but over time you might notice that your lot is no longer jet black and has started to look worn and cracked. To prevent further wearing and preserve the lot's appearance, use these tips.

Have Crack Filler on Hand

You may expect small cracks to develop without thinking there is much you can do about it. However, taking action when you see even a small crack might make a difference and prevent further damage.

How are small cracks dangerous for the asphalt? Water can drip into the smallest crack and widen it over time. Not only that, but as more and more water gets into the crack, it can start to affect the soil beneath the asphalt pad, causing that soil to shift and become uneven. Cracks can then multiply because the asphalt is sitting on uneven ground.

Therefore, it's smart to have crack filler on hand that you can use to fill whatever cracks you see on a regular basis. This can help keep the surface of your lot intact.

Clean It

One of the best ways to care for the lot of your store is to take time out of your schedule to clean it. This can be done by periodic sweeping and regular removal of trash, twigs and dead leaves. If you leave this kind of debris on your lot, it can not only present a hazard for customers and employees, but it can affect the lot's surface; wet leaves left sitting, for instance, can lead to discoloration and damage to the asphalt. 

If you don't have time to clean off your lot, you can enlist the help of a professional street sweeper.

Consider a Seal-coat

To provide a barrier between your lot and the sun and rain, you might want to consider a seal-coat application. The sealing material that is put on top of the lot can help prevent cracks and other lot problems that could arise. It should be applied every other year, if not more often, by an asphalt professional. Be sure that the lot is cleaned beforehand to avoid sealing in of debris.

With all the pointers described above, you can take the steps needed to ensure that the parking lot of your store continues to look the way you want it to. Speak with one of the asphalt contractors in the neighborhood, like Salem Paving, to get additional ideas.