How To Patch Asphalt Cracks

Asphalt cracks can be much more than just annoying and unsightly if you don't fix them. Many people try to ignore their small cracks, but they slowly get bigger and bigger, presenting a trip hazard and possibly compromising the flatness and strength of the asphalt slab. This is why it is very important to fill even the smallest cracks as soon as possible. Luckily, asphalt patch comes pre-mixed and is very easy to work with. This article explains how to use it to fix cracks of all sizes in asphalt. The sooner your fix a crack, the easier it will be.

Prepping the Area

First, you need to prepare the area around the crack you're going to patch. Clean the perimeter on top of the asphalt and inside the actual crack. You also need to make sure the crack is filled in before you pour in the patch, otherwise it will be very expensive to fill the entire crack.

First, sweep the top of the asphalt and then spray it down with a strong hose stream or pressure washer. Then, pull any weeds growing out of the crack. Next you need to check the deepness of the crack and try to make it relatively level. There might be sections where the crack is really deep. You want to fill the crack in with dirt so any cavities underneath are fully filled in. The quickest way is to pour dirt into the crack, filling it to the top. Then, sweep out the top 1" or 2" of dirt, equally along the whole crack. Finally, you will need to sweep the top of the asphalt again to get rid of all this loose dirt.

Applying the Patch

Asphalt patch is easiest to use if you buy cold formula. Most asphalt is applied using hot mixtures, but this is a necessary if you are just patching cracks. Cold formula comes pre-mixed and often comes in squeezable bottles for easy application into small cracks. You basically just squeeze or pour the mixture into the crack until it fills to the top and starts to overflow. Let it run onto the asphalt a bit and then use a squeegee to spread it evenly. Pressed down with the squeegee so the batch sticks well to the asphalt.

Try to stay off your asphalt for a full 24 hours while the patched cracks dry all the way.